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Terms and Conditions for the duration of the Covid-19 epidemic

These terms and conditions will apply for the whole duration of this epidemic until otherwise stated and are applicable to EVERY driving lesson you will receive. I require you to send me an email of your acceptance and adherence to them before your lessons can commence. If you are under 18, I will require this consent from your parents / guardian.

(1) Your lesson MUST be prepaid before you enter the vehicle. You can pay:

(a) by online banking using sort code: 09 01 28 Account number 80325472
(b) by cash, providing it is the exact amount and in a separate bag to avoid unnecessary contact

(2) The following will have been completed before you enter the vehicle: All contact surfaces wiped down with anti-viral wipes and spray. Vehicle properly ventilated.

(3) Your hands MUST be thoroughly washed and sanitised before you enter the vehicle; if this has not been possible hand sanitiser will be made available to you.

(4) Before entering the vehicle you will be asked to confirm that you are fit to drive and have no Covid-19 symptoms (a high temperature, a new continuous cough, loss of smell / taste). Also I will need to know if anyone in your household / bubble has symptoms; if so the lesson will be terminated and future lessons cannot restart until you / they are recovered and for 14 days after, unless proof of a negative test is provided. If you display any Covid-19 symptoms during a lesson it will be terminated immediately and further lessons suspended for 14 days.

(5) I will wear a face mask and you MUST also wear a face mask (new and unused or a freshly laundered reusable one.)

(6) Your lesson brief and debrief may take place outside the vehicle.

(7) NO additional passengers will be allowed to sit in on lessons.

(8) Air flow will be maintained through open windows and the use of vents.

(9) I will not be providing any handouts nor ask you to touch any training materials. You may however take a photo with your phone.

(10) All existing terms and conditions remain the same and any lesson cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice must be paid for in full unless you have Covid-19 symptoms and need to self isolate. If you can confirm you have symptoms there will be no cancellation fee but lessons will be suspended for 14 days unless a negative test is supplied.

(11) If, as your instructor, I am asked to provide your contact details to NHS Test and Trace agents, I will do so immediately.
If I am asked by these agents to self isolate, I will do so until declared fit by testing. You will be made aware if this should it happen.

(12) These precautions may not stop the transmission of Covid-19 and therefore you are taking lessons at your own risk, as am I.
I am following guidelines from the DVSA and other relevant organisations.

Any queries? Please feel free to call me. Hopefully we can all get through this safe and well.

01246 270 367 / 07828 968 500


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