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How to Pass

Theory and Hazard Perception Test

Before you can take the practical test you must pass this.

FREE coaching is included in the course as well as advice on when and how to apply for all tests.

The Practical Test

You will follow the syllabus set out by the DSA; it will be tailored to your individual needs dependent upon any previous experience and speed of progress. All the necessary disciplines are covered to ensure you attain the high standard required before you go for your practical test. Mock tests are taken prior to this so you are fully aware of the test format so there are no surprises on the day!

Visit to see a video of the practical test.

Before your test begins the examiner will ask you one question to do with the vehicle (SHOW ME / TELL ME) and will ask a further question (TELL ME) during the test.

These can be viewed and downloaded from the above site. You will be coached on these so don’t worry if they don’t make sense at the moment!


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